Cowboy Rex, Mike Harris


Mike Harris

Validator of Dino Bones

Utilizing Cowboy Logic To Live Life And Unearth Dino Bones

We are cowboys for Jesus, don’t be fooled by the name.
Wearing Ropers or Reeboks, we love each other just the same.

The wardrobe is different, but the hearts beat with purpose.
Knowing the Father’s will is to do the works of Jesus.

We come from every background and denomination.
Nevertheless we know by God’s word that love is our mission.

Our focus is not whether we are Cowboys as such.
Rather that we “rope-in” the lost, who need His touch.

We know that God has called us together
for a purpose and destiny.
We will ride with Him as He delivers,
heals and sets the captives free.


By Cynthia Reese