Gastornis (Diatryma) gigantea “Terror Bird” - Skull Replica

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Gastornis (Diatryma) gigantea “Terror Bird” - Skull Replica

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Polyurethane Resin, Steel


Purchase restrictions: This skull may only be purchased by museums due to copyright limitations.

Gastornis (Diatryma) gigantea, was a gigantic flightless bird from shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, during the Paleocene and Early Eocene. Gastornis was originally described in 1855 from fragmentary remains in France. In 1876, remains of a similar bird were discovered by Edward Cope in Wyoming and named Diatryma. Recent scientific studies have indicated that these two genera may actually be the same with the name Gastornis taking priority. Remains of Gastornis can be found across western Europe, central China, and large amounts of material has been found in the western United States. These large birds could grow up to six feet in height, the size of the largest moas today, however the beak and the head were much larger than modern day flightless birds.

This is a museum quality cast replica made with a durable polyurethane resin. It was molded directly from the original restored skull, not a 3D printed skull or a sculpture. The resin cast is made on demand and is produced using methods that preserve all of the fine details found in the original specimen.

The skull is displayed with mouth open. Variations on the color of the skull and the mount (i.e. wall mount) are possible. Please contact Fossilogic for information and cost. Free shipping on all orders within the USA. International orders will pay actual shipping costs.

This purchase includes:
- A full sized, museum quality, resin cast
- A custom steel display stand.
- Shipping using custom fit, foam padding to ensure protection while in transit.
- Each skull is hand painted to match the original bone.